Charting the Everyday Life- Jake Drossner



The things people are doing or involved in can tell many people’s aspects of life. Everyday of my life there are many things that I believe are something what I call, day after day things. What I mean by that is throughout my life I will always have a couple things or objects that I use or do everyday. It has become a daily routine in my life where I can’t forget these things or what I need to get done. The things that I do day in and day out of my life are definitely apart of my identity for several reasons. Not many of you know, but baseball is my passion, and if I couldn’t do such a thing on a day-to-day basis, then my day is not complete. I’m a student athlete and for things like studying, using my computer, and playing the game of baseball, my identity is made with those things. Being a student- athlete and having that identity as a “jock” my character has built me to become a new person and a person whose strength is through the roof. The seven things that I use or do on a daily basis are playing baseball, using my kitchen, studying at Comcast, relaxing in my bedroom, using my computer, being in a classroom, and keeping my body in shape in the weight room. When talking about culture, I think my seven things really don’t say much. To me, I would say I’m a kid who is just trying to become successful in life no matter the situation. Here is a brief description of my 7 things :

Day 1. Baseball- Baseball is one of the biggest parts of my life and takes up most of my life to say the least.  I grew up playing the game at such a young age were I wanted it to be my life. I play baseball here at Maryland, so I am surrounded by the game almost everyday. It’s like my daily routine now where I do at least one thing that involves the game. Baseball also is a worldwide game. Its played at every age group for the leisure and for professional athletes. Some strange things about playing the game is that many people wouldn’t understand that running part of baseball. You see people running and stopping. You also see men playing this sport and not women. Another example is the pitching. The pitcher is the one throwing it all the times and nobody else. Being apart of baseball for so long, many people might just think this as a hobby or just playing this for fun, but to me it’s an important part in my life and something that I would love to make a career out of.


Day 2. Classroom- Education is very important to not only me, but my family. I am in the classroom 5 days a week learning new things. I have to study outside the classroom 8 hours a week with my team until I have a certain GPA. Many people who would have no idea about this would not understand why one person is talking to others about one specific subject. It would be strange for someone to walk in and see one teacher explaining important topics because they would think why cant someone else talk. A second part of this that makes this strange is how students are giving a test on the information given. If someone had no idea about being in a classroom, they wouldn’t understand why someone is making them reiterate what was being said on a piece of paper.


Day 3. Kitchen –The kitchen is used very often on a daily basis for me. Being an athlete I try to keep a steady diet to be able to perform to the best of my ability. I use the kitchen to cook good foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The kitchen has many appliances that may not be used by others. It’s an easy way to heat up, boil, and fry foods. Many people may also not know how to cook foods. Its something that people wouldn’t understand unless they hear the description about a kitchen.

image (2)Day 4. My bedroom- obviously, this is one of the most common places that everyone is around everyday because we all enjoy sleeping. Now, I think for me, I just love being in my room and collecting all my thoughts and things that I need to take a break from. I think being in a bedroom is something many enjoy the most because I get to relax and take time off from the things I do whether its during the day or at night. Rooms are all set differently, so if someone were to see a random room, it would seem to them that its just a plan room where someone lays down. 

image (3)

DAY 5- 

Weight rooms are something that helps others stay fit.  People use the weight room in all different aspects.  It may seem odd to some seeing others pick up bars with circular disks on the end of them. People may also think it is odd to lift their weight or even more. I use the weight room almost everyday of my life to help keep my body in shape for the sport that I play. I also use the weight room to stay fit and keep my body healthy.


DAY 6-

Comcast center is located at the University of Maryland campus. This arena is used for a plethora of events. It not only is used for basketball and volleyball games, but is used for students and employees.  It is not the norm for a certain group of people who do not attend Maryland. It is the norm for student athletes to gather in this specific place. Not only do we gather to this area, but also we all are apart of the same topic, and that is studying. It is a big part of my life because I am apart of a study group to stay on top of my grades and to make sure I am on the right path to graduate.


Day 7- Computers are something that is a huge part in our technology today. Computers are something that most people use for work, along with students in high school or college. Computers are used in many different ways. For me, I use my computer on a daily basis for schoolwork along with finding information that is needed. With having a computer, you are able to use applications that help you for what you need. For example, finding information on a place you want to go to, or writing down things that need to be done. It’s strange to someone who has no idea what technology today is because its so small and so lite that people would not think it can do so much that almost anything you need can be available on there.



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