Kevin Forster’s Everyday Life Analysis

Summarizing Paragraph:

The main thought I came out with after doing this week long project was how fortunate I am to be able to do the things I do on a daily basis. Little things such as showering, eating, watching tv, and so on are things not everyone gets the chance to do. Usually I don’t think twice about simple things I do on a daily basis, but this project got me to realize that. It made me look at these everyday tasks in a new way. I saw how much time I waste watching tv, and being on my lap top and phone doing unproductive things. I also thought about what people would do before tv’s, phones, and computers. I would like to compare a day of mine to someone’s normal day one hundred years ago. Throughout this week I gave a deeper thought to everything I did, not only the seven things I posted. This made me realize that I could be way more efficient with my time and more productive. It had me thinking about why I do the things that I do, and what I am getting out of it. People from a different generation may think the things I do are crazy. Technology has made it possible for me to spend hours doing unproductive tasks that others did not have the ability to do. This project has made me think that I should use my free time more wisely and start doing different things. My days seem to be the same thing over and over again. I realized how fortunate I am to be able to do what I do, and what it would be like if I were in a different situation.

Day 1:


Shower- I find my showers are often the most peaceful times of my day. Whether its in the morning, after practice, or before bed it is always a relaxing time. I also thought about how some do not have showers available for them. I could not imagine what that would be like, and it made me grateful for what I have when thinking about this project.


Day 2

Cooking- I usually cook something once or twice a day. I never think of how important cooking is. It is a way to save money and get your everyday meals in that you need. It seems like a dumb little task when I go to cook everyday, but looking at the big picture, it is something that I have to do on a daily basis. This also made me think how lucky I am to be able to afford the food I need everyday.


Day 3

TV- Watching TV is what I do with a lot of my free time. This project did make me think that it is a little strange that we sit in the same spot, sometimes for hours, and watch other people. You would think that staring at a screen for an extended period of time is the opposite of entertainment. But people have very creative ideas for shows, movies, and other things that draw our attention.


Day 4:

Shoes- Most people just throw a pair of shoes on as they are leaving their house. I tend to take a few minutes everyday and pick out a pair. Today I caught myself in a big debate on which ones to wear, and thought to myself that this is ridiculous. I was acting like there was a wrong answer. I thought if there was someone from a long time ago watching me, they would laugh and say what a waste of time it doesn’t matter.


Day 5:

Bed- This project made me think about how essential my bed is and should be. I spend more time in my bed than any other one place everyday. So why not make it the best that you can? As I got in to my bed tonight I plugged in my lap top and phone to their chargers and realized I’m basically doing the same thing to myself. I’m charging myself for the next day.


Day 6:

Fruit snacks- Today I caught myself buying a box of fruit snacks. I go through fruit snacks pretty quickly and buy about a box a week. This got me thinking about how I make little purchases like this all the time that I don’t need. I spend about four dollars a week on fruit snacks. Multiply that by fifty-two and that’s over two hundred dollars a year. With this, and all the other little purchases I make I realize how much money I could save, and that everything adds up.


Day 7:

Study Hall- I have to go to study hall for about two hours a day. When thinking about it, I find it strange that people are being paid to watch us and make sure we get our work done. School is something that we should want to do well in and it is a privilege to have an opportunity to go to college. I don’t disagree with study hall but I think student athletes should be self motivated so they can graduate and be eligible to play.




Nick Faust Charting the Everyday

Photo 280Day 1: Boredom

During this day, we were in North Carolina as a team for a competition against Duke. Considering that the game as at 9 pm, this day was very long and boring. In order to by some time, I listened to a lot of music and watched a lot of movies. By doing that I am still resting my body and getting mentally relaxed for the game.

72866715Day 2: Play

This aspect of my everyday is what my world revolves around. Everything in my schedule is worked around what time practice is or anything basketball related. Considering how much time and effort is put into this sport everyday for me personally, shows how much dedication and drive I have to get better at this sport.

8fa397eb9f828af7bd3c6e6011ada33eDay 3: Transportation

The transportation aspect of my everyday life includes the University Bus Transportation. This is a quick and easy way to get around to classes and campus period. Even though I do have a car, it is more convenient and less risky to just take the bus. Coming every 10 minutes to the place I reside, this is a effective way to have students using the bus to its full potential. Overall this is a a great transportation UMD offers and I take advantage of it everyday.

schleep7Day  4: Sleep

This aspect of my everyday life is something that I enjoy doing. Getting a chance to nap or sleep during the day is my favorite part of the day. I love staying in to just sleep and eat some days. These are days when I give my body full time to recover and heal. Not only that but also before every game I have to take a nap before. If I do not take a nap before than I feel like I am prepared  mentally for the game.

homelifeDay 5: Home Life

This is what my everyday home life consists of. Considering I play basketball, I love watching others play on both collegiate and professional level. But also why doing this I usually am stuffing my face with snacks or a meal while watching. But on the other hand I do make sure to atleast get some type of positive source for my body. So by fueling my body with Gatorade and Fiji, this avoids any cramping in future competition.

workDay 6: Work

This is not considered really work but I feel as though this is a aspect of college basketball that a lot of people do not usually see. Having to say the correct and right things to the media is big for your sports team and your university overall. Having no choice to avoid media there are days when you simply do not feel like speaking to the media. But even though you feel this way, you still have to force yourself to talk to media.

daydreamDay 7: Daydreaming

I personally do a lot of daydreaming and mind wondering. This is a everyday aspect of my life that really just expands my mind on any topic. When in class or even in a situation that does not interests me, I just start to daydream and think about other things. I usually daydream about making big plays in basketball or either being on vacation or something to that extinct. Overall daydreaming is something that I love and hate and the same time. Sometimes I tend to wonder off in certain situations where I should be listening, but I self motivate myself to push through and stay focus.

Diana’s everyday


Over a week I had the opportunity to pick and analyze seven aspects of my life that inhabit my every day. Many of the things that seem to inhabit my everyday have pretty much been a routine for a while. I then began evaluating these “routines” and how as a society why go about day to day following these routines as if they were guidelines on how we live. But then why do we as a society follow such guidelines? Is it by necessity, pleasure or leisure? I began with coffee which is one of the first things I think about sadly, “how many shots of espresso do I need today?” this usually just informs me on how tired I really am. What I believe these aspects of my life say about me when analyzed is that one I have a coffee problem but in all I seem to find a comfort in being in an environment surrounded by others even if the others are complete strangers that I make not attempt to communicate with. Maybe it’s just the feeling that one is not alone in what some would call a mundane routine which I call life. When one actually sits here to question why we do things and what they actually say about society we can say we go to these events, buy these pets drive through the usual route because we like familiarity, even though all we want at the end of our day is or own identity.



Coffee is a large part of my identity. Based on my daily purchase of coffee from Starbucks, I have come to realize that there is a small dependency on the substance. Coffee is how I jump-start my day. Without a cup of Starbucks I feel like my day is incomplete. I find myself purposefully walking to Stamp Student Union to purchase a cup of coffee. As silly as it seems, there are times when I don’t drink the coffee but rather am at peace with the idea of having Starbucks in my possession.



Communication is a huge part of human kind. Cavemen and women had their own way of communicating but unlike them it seems we have found a way to become emotionally and physically connected to our mobile devices. The first thing I do when I wake up is check my phone. My phone is the way I connect to the world and the people around me.  It allows me to keep up to date with recent events and find things I would never be able to find if it weren’t for my phone. If I were to lose my phone my life would feel incomplete. My dependency is apparent and I do the best I can to keep device in my life.


Sports life:

Sports have always been a tremendous part of my life. As a child my father worked at RFK stadium and on weekends we would find ourselves headed to games. I watch sports anywhere you can watch sports. Sports serve as a therapeutic remedy in that I tend to forget about everyday problems when I watch sports. Usually, I go to sporting events alone because I believe it is a way to find inner peace. Most times my phone has no service but I enjoy this because it takes me away from the everyday.

metro transportation

By all means of Transportation:

I love my car but my car is not the only form of transportation I use. Everyone can relate to how difficult it can be to own a car but the best part about our world today is that we aren’t just limited to cars. As an avid sports fan in the District of Columbia I take every opportunity to utilize the different form of transportation around us. My favorite kind of transportation is the metro. It’s close to my house and it serves me in just the appropriate manner. Getting places is a great way to connect to new people and being a social person riding public transportation like the metro pleases me.



Boredom coincides with my bedroom. The amount of time I spend being active allows me to appreciate the times when I’m bored. Boredom and my room coincide because when I’m bored my room is where I spend most of my time. To be more specific, my bed is the most enjoyable thing in my room. I spend my time dozing to my favorite music whenever I lie on my bed. My room is where I refocus and regain energy.


My companion:

To the furriest family member Blanky. I have now owned Blanky for four wonderful years and the reasons why we got were to bring us much joy while the family was going was going through a crisis. But how can such a small animal that can’t talk bring so much joy? Easily although he can’t talk back he sure does know how to communicate with us through other forms of communication. It’s quite amazing on how dogs pick up on our emotions, so i do my best to be cheery around him when its not difficult at all.


Pet Peeves:

Receipts are a great way to keep track of your financial spending. Receipts can also serve as a tool for evidence. My only problem with receipts is that the only purpose they serve is to be trash. I hoard receipts like nobody’s business. It’s a gift for some but a curse for me because when I reach in my pockets and feel crumpled paper I become very annoyed.  Like everyone, I too, have a pet peeve and receipts, although a part of my everyday life, are at the top of my list.

Charting the Everyday: Joe LoCascio

It is amazing to me how much people have in common with robots. Day after day doing the same things without thinking about them anymore become as commonplace as eating and breathing. This is truly why boredom exists in our lives; the actions that we take place in everyday are just a microcosm to why the word was born in the first place. My everyday consists of transportation, food, lacrosse, health, school, clothes and technology. Having seven different aspects of my life that I can name off the top of my head goes to prove that our lives are complex. These aspects back up the fact that we shouldn’t be bored at all through out the day with different things going on. Day after day of the same different actions is why they become so mundane.  Plain and simple, at Maryland is that I am a student-athlete. These aspects speak that our culture is thickening with the more we grow up and more we learn, that our everyday changes over the years but still finds a way to be commonplace.

Day 1: Transportation

photo 1

The morning conversation between my roommate and I goes, “Yo are you ready to go?” The other will reply with “Yea lets go!” Then we get in the car and head off to campus for the day. Never thinking about how to get there or even driving for that matter. Transportation has become so mundane that if someone were to think we were going to drive a 2 ton machine a half a mile to school, wasting money, gas and hurting the environment would we even do it anymore?

Day 2: Food

photo 2

My stomach has this strange rumbling feeling and a little twist in it that needs to be satisfied. The whole idea of eating something is bizarre in itself. We need to take a foreign object and put it in our mouths chew it and swallow it, then have to get rid of most of it again anyways? But the idea of eating is great because the taste is good but during the grind of the everyday, taste barely exists food becomes this substance we use for survival and never think to look down and be like “wow!”

Day 3: Lacrosse

photo 3

This part of my life has become automatic. A well oiled machine as would be a great metaphor to design this aspect of my life. Everyday for the past 3 years here at Maryland and then everyday in the spring for the past 10 years of my life has me playing a sport with a stick, ball and goal on a large field. Lacrosse has become part of my life where all my stresses has been absent on the field at one point then shifted to a point where there is no thinking at all. Just actions.

Day 4: School

photo 5

The american way of growing up starts in a classroom or at a school. Everyday, day after day we take part in this process of learning. Having someone preach to us information that someone else has made up? Kind of strange to think about.

Day 5: Health

photo 4

This is a new part of my everyday that has happened this year. The expression “it is tough getting old” is has true as the blue sky. Even though at 20, you have to take care of your body and now this has become something i barely think about. One way to make sure my legs aren’t sore is to normatek. This is leggings that wrap around your legs and squeeze compressed air really tight. Not weird or anything… but everyday.

Day 6: Television


Wow my day is over! I just want to watch some television. This is an action that has become so mundane that I had to make up the previous sentence to show that. Watching tv for leisure is something we has americans just do without thinking. I need to relax, time to hit the couch and watch some TV. Weird, staring at other people doing things is relaxing and entertaining?

Day 7: Computer


I need to do homework, I am bored, whats the news. All of which we grab our computers and surf the internet. A machine that if the most brilliant people in the world back in the day looked at they would laugh. These things give us the ability to our smart einstein but its so everyday that we barely think twice.

Charting the Everyday Life- Jake Drossner



The things people are doing or involved in can tell many people’s aspects of life. Everyday of my life there are many things that I believe are something what I call, day after day things. What I mean by that is throughout my life I will always have a couple things or objects that I use or do everyday. It has become a daily routine in my life where I can’t forget these things or what I need to get done. The things that I do day in and day out of my life are definitely apart of my identity for several reasons. Not many of you know, but baseball is my passion, and if I couldn’t do such a thing on a day-to-day basis, then my day is not complete. I’m a student athlete and for things like studying, using my computer, and playing the game of baseball, my identity is made with those things. Being a student- athlete and having that identity as a “jock” my character has built me to become a new person and a person whose strength is through the roof. The seven things that I use or do on a daily basis are playing baseball, using my kitchen, studying at Comcast, relaxing in my bedroom, using my computer, being in a classroom, and keeping my body in shape in the weight room. When talking about culture, I think my seven things really don’t say much. To me, I would say I’m a kid who is just trying to become successful in life no matter the situation. Here is a brief description of my 7 things :

Day 1. Baseball- Baseball is one of the biggest parts of my life and takes up most of my life to say the least.  I grew up playing the game at such a young age were I wanted it to be my life. I play baseball here at Maryland, so I am surrounded by the game almost everyday. It’s like my daily routine now where I do at least one thing that involves the game. Baseball also is a worldwide game. Its played at every age group for the leisure and for professional athletes. Some strange things about playing the game is that many people wouldn’t understand that running part of baseball. You see people running and stopping. You also see men playing this sport and not women. Another example is the pitching. The pitcher is the one throwing it all the times and nobody else. Being apart of baseball for so long, many people might just think this as a hobby or just playing this for fun, but to me it’s an important part in my life and something that I would love to make a career out of.


Day 2. Classroom- Education is very important to not only me, but my family. I am in the classroom 5 days a week learning new things. I have to study outside the classroom 8 hours a week with my team until I have a certain GPA. Many people who would have no idea about this would not understand why one person is talking to others about one specific subject. It would be strange for someone to walk in and see one teacher explaining important topics because they would think why cant someone else talk. A second part of this that makes this strange is how students are giving a test on the information given. If someone had no idea about being in a classroom, they wouldn’t understand why someone is making them reiterate what was being said on a piece of paper.


Day 3. Kitchen –The kitchen is used very often on a daily basis for me. Being an athlete I try to keep a steady diet to be able to perform to the best of my ability. I use the kitchen to cook good foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The kitchen has many appliances that may not be used by others. It’s an easy way to heat up, boil, and fry foods. Many people may also not know how to cook foods. Its something that people wouldn’t understand unless they hear the description about a kitchen.

image (2)Day 4. My bedroom- obviously, this is one of the most common places that everyone is around everyday because we all enjoy sleeping. Now, I think for me, I just love being in my room and collecting all my thoughts and things that I need to take a break from. I think being in a bedroom is something many enjoy the most because I get to relax and take time off from the things I do whether its during the day or at night. Rooms are all set differently, so if someone were to see a random room, it would seem to them that its just a plan room where someone lays down. 

image (3)

DAY 5- 

Weight rooms are something that helps others stay fit.  People use the weight room in all different aspects.  It may seem odd to some seeing others pick up bars with circular disks on the end of them. People may also think it is odd to lift their weight or even more. I use the weight room almost everyday of my life to help keep my body in shape for the sport that I play. I also use the weight room to stay fit and keep my body healthy.


DAY 6-

Comcast center is located at the University of Maryland campus. This arena is used for a plethora of events. It not only is used for basketball and volleyball games, but is used for students and employees.  It is not the norm for a certain group of people who do not attend Maryland. It is the norm for student athletes to gather in this specific place. Not only do we gather to this area, but also we all are apart of the same topic, and that is studying. It is a big part of my life because I am apart of a study group to stay on top of my grades and to make sure I am on the right path to graduate.


Day 7- Computers are something that is a huge part in our technology today. Computers are something that most people use for work, along with students in high school or college. Computers are used in many different ways. For me, I use my computer on a daily basis for schoolwork along with finding information that is needed. With having a computer, you are able to use applications that help you for what you need. For example, finding information on a place you want to go to, or writing down things that need to be done. It’s strange to someone who has no idea what technology today is because its so small and so lite that people would not think it can do so much that almost anything you need can be available on there.