Charles Mitchell Charting The Every Day

Day 1. on the bus headed to game  the reason i chose this picture because it is one of those time where i am bored and have to take the long bus  ride to the gym to play the game.


Day 2 My entertainment is hanging with my friends and team outside of school just relaxing and getting our mind off school for a couple of hours.

Day 3 is my work . this me after scoring the first 2 points in the game the reason i say this is my work because i treat basketball like it is going to be my future job in life.

electricity usage

Day 4 me just watching tv a reply of my game i do this just to relax and its apart of using some type of technology during my day

public spaces

Day 5 study hall the public space where i get most of my school work done even this project was getting worked on in this picture. my tutor has a group of 3 she helps daily

Day 6 in a class i don’t like daydreaming about leaving. this is one of those day where i sit in the back of the class wondering why i chose this course and wished i switched out of it.


Day 7 A long day after school this is where you can find me sleeping  my life away. after my practice and study  i’m so tired i just want to fall asleep and never wake up the next day.