Charting the Everyday: Joe LoCascio

It is amazing to me how much people have in common with robots. Day after day doing the same things without thinking about them anymore become as commonplace as eating and breathing. This is truly why boredom exists in our lives; the actions that we take place in everyday are just a microcosm to why the word was born in the first place. My everyday consists of transportation, food, lacrosse, health, school, clothes and technology. Having seven different aspects of my life that I can name off the top of my head goes to prove that our lives are complex. These aspects back up the fact that we shouldn’t be bored at all through out the day with different things going on. Day after day of the same different actions is why they become so mundane.  Plain and simple, at Maryland is that I am a student-athlete. These aspects speak that our culture is thickening with the more we grow up and more we learn, that our everyday changes over the years but still finds a way to be commonplace.

Day 1: Transportation

photo 1

The morning conversation between my roommate and I goes, “Yo are you ready to go?” The other will reply with “Yea lets go!” Then we get in the car and head off to campus for the day. Never thinking about how to get there or even driving for that matter. Transportation has become so mundane that if someone were to think we were going to drive a 2 ton machine a half a mile to school, wasting money, gas and hurting the environment would we even do it anymore?

Day 2: Food

photo 2

My stomach has this strange rumbling feeling and a little twist in it that needs to be satisfied. The whole idea of eating something is bizarre in itself. We need to take a foreign object and put it in our mouths chew it and swallow it, then have to get rid of most of it again anyways? But the idea of eating is great because the taste is good but during the grind of the everyday, taste barely exists food becomes this substance we use for survival and never think to look down and be like “wow!”

Day 3: Lacrosse

photo 3

This part of my life has become automatic. A well oiled machine as would be a great metaphor to design this aspect of my life. Everyday for the past 3 years here at Maryland and then everyday in the spring for the past 10 years of my life has me playing a sport with a stick, ball and goal on a large field. Lacrosse has become part of my life where all my stresses has been absent on the field at one point then shifted to a point where there is no thinking at all. Just actions.

Day 4: School

photo 5

The american way of growing up starts in a classroom or at a school. Everyday, day after day we take part in this process of learning. Having someone preach to us information that someone else has made up? Kind of strange to think about.

Day 5: Health

photo 4

This is a new part of my everyday that has happened this year. The expression “it is tough getting old” is has true as the blue sky. Even though at 20, you have to take care of your body and now this has become something i barely think about. One way to make sure my legs aren’t sore is to normatek. This is leggings that wrap around your legs and squeeze compressed air really tight. Not weird or anything… but everyday.

Day 6: Television


Wow my day is over! I just want to watch some television. This is an action that has become so mundane that I had to make up the previous sentence to show that. Watching tv for leisure is something we has americans just do without thinking. I need to relax, time to hit the couch and watch some TV. Weird, staring at other people doing things is relaxing and entertaining?

Day 7: Computer


I need to do homework, I am bored, whats the news. All of which we grab our computers and surf the internet. A machine that if the most brilliant people in the world back in the day looked at they would laugh. These things give us the ability to our smart einstein but its so everyday that we barely think twice.


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