Amazing Race with Glympse

The Amazing Race with Glympse

Form Teams

  • At least 2 “GPS walkers” per team, who will use the Glympse app to trace their movement around campus.
    • GPS Walkers: download Glympse and allow it to track your location.
      • Link it with your Twitter account on the next screen (or under the “settings” option on the bottom right of the screen).
      • When ready, click on the “G” icon and then “Send Glympse”
        • Click on the plus sign in the “To:” box at the top of the page. Click on your Twitter icon to send your Glympse to Twitter.
        • Change the “Share for 30 minutes” by clicking on it and dragging it to 2 hours. Click done.
        • Click on message option at the bottom of the page. In the message box put the hashtag of your team name or number and the course hashtag, #amst418e.
        • Click “Send Glympse” to start your tracking.
  • At least 2 “trackers” who will monitor of the runners’ movements and determine the numbers or words being spelled by these movements.

There will be two rounds:

  • Round 1:
    • I will give the GPS Walkers a two-digit number. They must find a place to walk around and trace out the numbers by moving across campus, etch-a-sketch style.
    • Once the trackers can determine what numbers the GPS Walker are tracing out, the trackers will write down the number and bring it to me.
    • Trackers: show me the number traced out by your GPS Walker and how you spotted it on your phone or laptop.
    • If successful, I will give the trackers a location where the flag will be posted. The trackers must communicate this location to their GPS Walkers, who will go get the flag and bring it back to the classroom.
  • Round 2:
    • Based on the time your runners return with the flag, your team will be able to start round 2. The team may strategize with the GPS Walkers at this point before sending them out again.
    • I will give the GPS Walkers a three-letter word. They must spell out the word in the same way they spelled out the numbers.
    • Once the trackers can determine what the word is, I will give the team a location of a single location where a final flag is placed. The first team to bring back this final flag wins the game.


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