Diana’s everyday


Over a week I had the opportunity to pick and analyze seven aspects of my life that inhabit my every day. Many of the things that seem to inhabit my everyday have pretty much been a routine for a while. I then began evaluating these “routines” and how as a society why go about day to day following these routines as if they were guidelines on how we live. But then why do we as a society follow such guidelines? Is it by necessity, pleasure or leisure? I began with coffee which is one of the first things I think about sadly, “how many shots of espresso do I need today?” this usually just informs me on how tired I really am. What I believe these aspects of my life say about me when analyzed is that one I have a coffee problem but in all I seem to find a comfort in being in an environment surrounded by others even if the others are complete strangers that I make not attempt to communicate with. Maybe it’s just the feeling that one is not alone in what some would call a mundane routine which I call life. When one actually sits here to question why we do things and what they actually say about society we can say we go to these events, buy these pets drive through the usual route because we like familiarity, even though all we want at the end of our day is or own identity.



Coffee is a large part of my identity. Based on my daily purchase of coffee from Starbucks, I have come to realize that there is a small dependency on the substance. Coffee is how I jump-start my day. Without a cup of Starbucks I feel like my day is incomplete. I find myself purposefully walking to Stamp Student Union to purchase a cup of coffee. As silly as it seems, there are times when I don’t drink the coffee but rather am at peace with the idea of having Starbucks in my possession.



Communication is a huge part of human kind. Cavemen and women had their own way of communicating but unlike them it seems we have found a way to become emotionally and physically connected to our mobile devices. The first thing I do when I wake up is check my phone. My phone is the way I connect to the world and the people around me.  It allows me to keep up to date with recent events and find things I would never be able to find if it weren’t for my phone. If I were to lose my phone my life would feel incomplete. My dependency is apparent and I do the best I can to keep device in my life.


Sports life:

Sports have always been a tremendous part of my life. As a child my father worked at RFK stadium and on weekends we would find ourselves headed to games. I watch sports anywhere you can watch sports. Sports serve as a therapeutic remedy in that I tend to forget about everyday problems when I watch sports. Usually, I go to sporting events alone because I believe it is a way to find inner peace. Most times my phone has no service but I enjoy this because it takes me away from the everyday.

metro transportation

By all means of Transportation:

I love my car but my car is not the only form of transportation I use. Everyone can relate to how difficult it can be to own a car but the best part about our world today is that we aren’t just limited to cars. As an avid sports fan in the District of Columbia I take every opportunity to utilize the different form of transportation around us. My favorite kind of transportation is the metro. It’s close to my house and it serves me in just the appropriate manner. Getting places is a great way to connect to new people and being a social person riding public transportation like the metro pleases me.



Boredom coincides with my bedroom. The amount of time I spend being active allows me to appreciate the times when I’m bored. Boredom and my room coincide because when I’m bored my room is where I spend most of my time. To be more specific, my bed is the most enjoyable thing in my room. I spend my time dozing to my favorite music whenever I lie on my bed. My room is where I refocus and regain energy.


My companion:

To the furriest family member Blanky. I have now owned Blanky for four wonderful years and the reasons why we got were to bring us much joy while the family was going was going through a crisis. But how can such a small animal that can’t talk bring so much joy? Easily although he can’t talk back he sure does know how to communicate with us through other forms of communication. It’s quite amazing on how dogs pick up on our emotions, so i do my best to be cheery around him when its not difficult at all.


Pet Peeves:

Receipts are a great way to keep track of your financial spending. Receipts can also serve as a tool for evidence. My only problem with receipts is that the only purpose they serve is to be trash. I hoard receipts like nobody’s business. It’s a gift for some but a curse for me because when I reach in my pockets and feel crumpled paper I become very annoyed.  Like everyone, I too, have a pet peeve and receipts, although a part of my everyday life, are at the top of my list.


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