Cory Ryan’s Seven Day Analysis

Summarizing Paragraph:

For this assignment I was able to take a deeper look into my life.  I took a look around me and began to notice the little things again, especially the things I typically took for granted along with the things that I have never quite considered important until now.  I began to realize that so many aspects of my everyday life go overlooked.  A few of these overlooked activities included:  my daily routine, the things I ate, and the people I talked to.  Within the past week I was able to literally keep my head up and started to notice a lot of the little things again.

Throughout this process I came to a number of realizations.  I began to notice how busy I really am during the day.  This showed me that I may need to step back and just relax sometimes.  Also, to not be so busy that I let things pass me by.  Therefore I started to really look at the expressions on people faces and it was actually quite eye opening.  I tried to be more present while walking on campus and not just let life literally pass me by.  This process was an overall great experience that had me noticing the important things again that I have been taking for granted for so long.


Day 1: Schedule

photo (1)

I have my day so figured out that by the time I go to sleep I don’t even realize how much I typically do during those hours that I am awake.  As a typical student-athlete I have a set schedule day in and day out.   There are specific times for practice, class, tutors, and meetings each and every day.  By the time I get to my dorm room at the end of the day I have time to do my homework and eat dinner, and before you know it my eyes are closing.  It was on this first day that I tried to enjoy my night a bit more.  Flipping on the television before I hit the sheets was a start.  I also realized how lucky I am to have such a detailed and planned schedule set up for me.  What really shocked me was the amount of things I do in a week!  Sure it is a lot but I also have a lot to reflect on.  I am also glad to be busy.  It’s just how my life has always been!  Taking a little time and listening to music on the walks between all my daily duties is also something I realized I was doing and enjoy.  This I will continue to do.  It allows for me to embrace and enjoy the full-packed days I have.


Day 2: Cautiously walking to class in this winter weather

winter pic

When I took the time to think about what I was going to wear to class I realized that I was preparing myself for the cold.  Due to it being winter it has become so second nature for me to bundle up that I didn’t even realize I was putting on my boots, jacket, and gloves all so I would be comfortable when walking to class in the frigid weather.  I also noticed that I walk much more carefully around an icy campus, and go out of my way to avoid the snow piles and or puddles.  It also takes me much longer to get to class in the winter when in compassion to the fall!  Allowing for enough time to get to class and dressing for the weather was something I have seemed to have been doing without even realizing.  Though I am hoping for the nice weather sooner rather than later!


Day 3: Interactions with people while walking to class


Maryland is such a diverse campus and for this assignment I took the time to actually notice the facial expressions of others.  I took advantage of this opportunity in between classes to really look at my peers who were walking to and from classes/activities/meetings.  Some of these people were actually quite happy and it was so comforting to see.  Flashing a smile here or there became quite a common occurrence when I truly acknowledged my peers.  Others were listening to their music with their heads down while some were interacting and socializing with friends.  It was interesting to see this diverse community in between classes with out my head phones in.  It truly made a difference and had me appreciating my campus that much more.


Day 4: Hygiene


I very rarely notice the amount of times I wash my hands or shower in one day.  My hygiene is what I took notice of on Day 4. For one, I shower twice a day…once after soccer practice and once before I go to bed.  I also washed my hands six times before it was even noon!  I also carry around hand sanitizers.  It seems I am very cautious when it comes to getting sick, especially in the winter.


Day 5: Manners


Saying “thank you” and “god bless you” to people is normal in society and viewed as polite, or even rude if you do not say them.  But when I actually thought about it, I asked myself why do we say these things to strangers?  It is weird that we say “god bless you” after someone sneezes.  Well the responses I got when these things came out of my mouth on day 5 were all positive ones.



Day 6:  Social Interactions


I did not realize how many people I interact with throughout the day.  From my roommates, teammates, to my siblings and parents back home I feel as if I am always connected and talking to these people.  Waking up on day six I texted my sister, and then talked to her about three more times that one day.  My cell phone keeps my connected and that is definitely something I have taken for granted!


Day 7: Eating Healthy

Assorted fruit

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and is such a good way to start the day.  My first meal of the day is usually a homemade smoothie.  Since I make these homemade fruit smoothies every morning I forget that I drink them for its nutrition.  Making a healthy breakfast when I wake up and eating healthy throughout the day has become so habitual that I am not even recognizing the servings of fruits and vegetables I get in one day.  It was nice to see that I do get a good amount of both.


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