Mr. Mendez’s Everyday Life Analysis

Summarizing Paragraph 

Concluding my seven day journey of daily activities in my life I once perceived as mundane activities, I have come to learn a little bit more about myself. My everyday life consist of many fun and mundane activities. However, I have come to realize that mundane activities of my everyday life are what create my identity, who I am, and how I am perceived by society. Furthermore, I came to realize that some of the fun activities that I engage in not on a daily bases as such as traveling, going to bars occasionally ect. have little or no significance in my life, and who I really am. Yes, I enjoy traveling, going out to the bars, rock climbing and other stuff as well, but I have come to realize that all of those things I once believed were a huge part of my identity were in fact a very small part of my identity. In fact I have come to realize that all the activities I deemed to be fun and part of my identity were only things that helped me escape my identity for a while and engage in some thing different. Another aspect of my life this seven journey has given me is realize is how lazy I am. It is the case that I am always thinking of smarter methods to getting many and different task completed as oppose to working harder to get a task completed. I believe I have a very lazy character, but at the same time it is a good lazy character because I create quick and smart solutions to getting objectives complete as oppose to over thinking things and working harder. I believe this has to do in the culture I have been raised in and continue to grow in. As a college student we are always encouraged to think of quick and smart decisions to make in order be successful in our careers and in life. I think I have already begun to develop some of those skill and can been seen in my everyday life in the journals written below.


Boredom Studying at Mckeldin Library

The Mckeldin Library at the University of Maryland is a quite place on campus where undergraduate and graduate students may find a place to study. Today, I was luck enough to find a unoccupied study carrel on the third floor of the Library. I was glad to be able to find a unoccupied study carroll because most of the time they are taken by other students. However, two hours into doing homework I was bored. Now, that I pause and think why I was bored, I think it might have to do with the fact that I was thinking more about the weekend then my homework. The power dynamic in this particular situation is the University. Even though the University provides study carrells for its students, it does not provide study Carrels for all its students. Therefore, the students that get to the library earlier and complete all their homework assignments are satifisfying themselves and honoring the University as well . Fri. 02/07/14



I am a very ambitious person, and I like being productive and busy at all times. It is for that same reason that I enrolled myself at the University of Maryland as a full time student and work part time at My CellPhone Repairs in College Park. Growing up as a kid my parents always kept me busy, and took a lot of time off my hands by signing me up for many after school activities. When I take a moment to stop and think about work which I rarely do because I’m always busy, I think to myself why I’ m I working? I say to myself one because I love money and two because through work I get what I love as well as being portrayed as a productive member of society. I believe the authority figure here is money because  money is what motivates me to go to work and school to get a better job that pays more money. Even though money does not speak to me directly it sets up the power dynamic of where I would like to be in life.


Dental Hygiene Flossing

Everyday before I start my day, and before I fall asleep I floss my teeth. It has been part of my daily routine ever since middle school when I wore braces. Now, that I don’t have braces I still continue the same habit. I stop and think about my flossing habit, and it is all thanks to my Dentist Dr. Wilson. Dr. Wilson made me realize the power dynamic that I had not realize when I was younger which was society. He told me that the best way to be accepted into society was by having a nice clean bright smile with bright clean teeth. Furthermore, he told me that people that don’t brush their teeth and floss are often rejected by society in my case girls because their breath smells and they stink. If I did not follow Dr. Wilson prophecy then I think he would be right.




Although I am an off campus student that could ride the bus to the University, I still drive to campus on the days I have class. As I pause to think about this I am grateful that I have a car and have a parking spot of campus. However, thinking more deeply about it, I think that as soon as we enter spring, or the weather begins warming up I will start using the bus to save money on gas. I believe the power structue that does not want me to think about this is the University because for them the more people that drive and park on campus, the more money the are able to make through parking meters and selling parking spaces to students. I believe that the primary reason I drive to campus is because I despise the cold weather.



Being a student at the University of Maryland I often find myself walking ten to fifteen minutes to travel from one class to another. As I pause and think about walking through campus, I realized that the only reason I do not like walking right now is because it is cold. When the tempatures drop below forty degrees that ten to fifteen minute walks seems like twenty to twenty-five  minute walks. The Obvious power structure here is the University. The only reason put my self through ten to fifteen minute walks in the cold is because I want to succeed and do well in my classes, and in order to accomplish this I walk through the cold weather to get to my desired destinations. If it were not for the power dynamic of the University instilled in me I would never be walking through campus in the freezing cold. It’s boring and not fun at all for me.



Today, I went to Chick-fil-A at stamp when I got hungry. I normally bring my own lunch to campus or sometimes go home for lunch. As I pause to think about why I decided to go to Chick fil-A it makes me realize how lazy I was the night before because I did not want to make myself a lunch. Now that analyze my behavior I realize that my laziness cost me nearly seven dollars that I could of save if I had made myself lunch the night before or the morning of before I left to class. If someone from another planet were to come down and observe my behavior they would think I am silly because I have food at home that is rotting by I’m still buying food somewhere else. I believe the power dynamic here is; University paying professors to give students knowledge, professors handing out extensive amounts of homework, and in return all the students that do their homework on campus usually end up tired and hungry flocking to stamp to eat and get a boost of energy.

Day 7: Playing PS3


Today when I woke up class was canceled because we had a snow day, and I had decided to ignore my homework until the end of the day and play FIFA on my PS3 with my roommates. I usually don’t play Fiafa until the end of my day when I am done with all my work, but since we had a day off from class I decided to break the routine, and play FIFA during the day. As I pause and analyze this part of my life, I realize how much influence the University has on dictating dictating my life style. If the University had not cancelled class I would of most likely would of most likely gone to class and kept on doing homework all day until I got home and cooked some dinner. I believe the power structure here is the University because it is the University that influences heavily on how to live my daily life from the beginning of the semester to the end of the semester.


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