Nick Faust Charting the Everyday

Photo 280Day 1: Boredom

During this day, we were in North Carolina as a team for a competition against Duke. Considering that the game as at 9 pm, this day was very long and boring. In order to by some time, I listened to a lot of music and watched a lot of movies. By doing that I am still resting my body and getting mentally relaxed for the game.

72866715Day 2: Play

This aspect of my everyday is what my world revolves around. Everything in my schedule is worked around what time practice is or anything basketball related. Considering how much time and effort is put into this sport everyday for me personally, shows how much dedication and drive I have to get better at this sport.

8fa397eb9f828af7bd3c6e6011ada33eDay 3: Transportation

The transportation aspect of my everyday life includes the University Bus Transportation. This is a quick and easy way to get around to classes and campus period. Even though I do have a car, it is more convenient and less risky to just take the bus. Coming every 10 minutes to the place I reside, this is a effective way to have students using the bus to its full potential. Overall this is a a great transportation UMD offers and I take advantage of it everyday.

schleep7Day  4: Sleep

This aspect of my everyday life is something that I enjoy doing. Getting a chance to nap or sleep during the day is my favorite part of the day. I love staying in to just sleep and eat some days. These are days when I give my body full time to recover and heal. Not only that but also before every game I have to take a nap before. If I do not take a nap before than I feel like I am prepared  mentally for the game.

homelifeDay 5: Home Life

This is what my everyday home life consists of. Considering I play basketball, I love watching others play on both collegiate and professional level. But also why doing this I usually am stuffing my face with snacks or a meal while watching. But on the other hand I do make sure to atleast get some type of positive source for my body. So by fueling my body with Gatorade and Fiji, this avoids any cramping in future competition.

workDay 6: Work

This is not considered really work but I feel as though this is a aspect of college basketball that a lot of people do not usually see. Having to say the correct and right things to the media is big for your sports team and your university overall. Having no choice to avoid media there are days when you simply do not feel like speaking to the media. But even though you feel this way, you still have to force yourself to talk to media.

daydreamDay 7: Daydreaming

I personally do a lot of daydreaming and mind wondering. This is a everyday aspect of my life that really just expands my mind on any topic. When in class or even in a situation that does not interests me, I just start to daydream and think about other things. I usually daydream about making big plays in basketball or either being on vacation or something to that extinct. Overall daydreaming is something that I love and hate and the same time. Sometimes I tend to wonder off in certain situations where I should be listening, but I self motivate myself to push through and stay focus.


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