Raul’s Charting the Everyday





My everyday changes from day to day. Through the progression of my days and keeping track with what I do on day-to-day bases is pretty impressive. Throughout my seven-day journey I explored various things and places that I believed truly reveal my character. I explored places like my Sunday church, the electronics I use, foods I like to eat, the place where I cut my hair, the Laundromat, to the kitchen at my job, and where I spend most of my time in social medias. By using all these places and items I’m able to uncover things of my own culture from the Catholic church to my likings of always having a nice hair-cut. I analyze how certain moments are captured in a picture and how it can have much meaning. Through the lens of an undergraduate college student I hope to uncover my experiences with a short description of my findings. 

Day 1: The Franciscan Monastery

ImageSeeing the large building with a beautiful garden makes you wonder what could be inside such a gigantic church. Nestled on the hill of Monroe Street the garden gives the church a warm welcoming. Once inside the Franciscan Monastery, it’s filled with beautiful artifacts and displays artistry of the stonework. This may not be the most historic place but it’s close to being the most beautiful church in DC. The church was started by a group of friars who believed since many people can’t get a chance to go to the holy land then they would have replicas of the holy land here. What makes the church is not the design it’s the people who believe in it. As the main focus of this picture is the altar, it places a symbol as being the spot where Jesus offered the perfect sacrifice on the cross. Much symbolic and meaning associate with the way the mass is given. This panoramic view shows were the people seat to hear the mass. Notice the structure of color and the power dynamics the Catholic Church uses to grasp attention. As a Catholic this picture symbolizes my religion and beliefs and how the church is structured from the inside. 

Day 2: The Sierra’s Grill Kitchen

ImageEver wonder what the backdoor of a tex-mex restaurant looks like? This place plays an important part of my everyday since this is where I spend most of my time running plates back and forth. On the left there’s the grill where most of the magic happens, also along this side you can the tasty salsa and chips station. When taking this photo, I paused and thought about asking the kitchen staff to move but kept them as a vital importance to the kitchen because without them there wouldn’t be a restaurant. Since this is a picture from a slow Monday afternoon it seems like nothing really happens, but when many tables and food orders come-in this scene can be overwhelming. This also made me think about how things work in the restaurant world, it’s like playing a game of telephone with the customer, to the waiter, to the kitchen staff and then to the waiter and finally back to the customer (at least that’s how I see it). The kitchen in this particular location  is where the delicious food is made from the tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, guacamole, beans, Mexican-rice, burritos, and other authentic Mexican dishes. Many times I find myself running to the kitchen asking certain things to be omitted in certain plates. What looks like a calm scene can get overwhelming in a matter of minutes. The kitchen is where the magic happens and my concern is always to get the food out on time and make sure it looks delicious for the customer.


                                                                          Day 3: Fresh Fades

ImageThis place is called Fresh Fades. What’s the reason behind coming back every 2-3 weeks or month to get another haircut? At least that’s how often I go. I’ve noticed many people at barbershop have no clue on what different types of haircuts are called. Some common styles are the taper, the shadow fade, skin fade, bald fade, razor fade, the fade. This place happens to be busy from Thursday-Sunday. In today’s day and age making an appointment with the barber is crucial. Once the barber becomes your friend and knows you by name then you’ve established a relationship to be has client. Most of the barbers who are good will always be busy, and have a scheduling system in place. Showing up to the barbershop 15 minutes early is always a must. I find it interesting just sitting and watching barbers work, making sure they spray their clippers and making sure they keep their customers shape-ups on point. At a place like Fresh Fades who mostly has a cliental of young African Americans, and Latino customers it’s imperative to always look sharp. 

Day 4: Laundry



One  of the everyday norms of everyday life is washing clothes. It’s our duties to wash, dry, fold, and store them away neatly to be worn again and again. This is where my boredom strikes and I ask myself why do I have to wash clothes? The reason being we dirty and collect these clothes and there is a need to wash them or else we will be dirty and not accepted respectfully in society. I find it interesting how laundrymats are set-up to meet our needs. There’s big and small machines that best help us for whatever we may be washing. As I time myself and wait for the clothes to be done, I sit and reflect on how the Laundromat was established to load your clothes to wash, you add the coins, then you add the soap, once complete the pushing carts are needed. Then you transfer the clothes and place it on the dryer, while adding any towel softeners for better smell. And then finally you fold and store away at home. This process of washing could be different for everyone as some people have access to washing in their homes. 

Day 5: Homemade Burgers

ImageCooking burgers in the winter is not very common. But making burgers in the winter seems idle because sometimes the desire of having a burger is necessary. Food such as this burger provides nutrients and protein, which is essential for the body. Maybe it has excessive amount of cheese but without it, it would have no flavor. Burgers like these were homemade to establish a dinner for a modern family. The burger is probably referred to as being an American dish. All that’s missing are the veggies and ketchup. 


Day 6: Social Media

ImageInstagram, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, SnapChat, KIK, Tango, Skype among others exist as this form of communication. These mediums have become essential for various big companies and the general public. We hear our news through twitter and watch video through Facebook. The social media has revolutionized the way we think and adapt to everyday life. Through Facebook we manage our pictures, and stay connected to bands and other interests. Its overwhelming the amount of people on Twitter and Facebook daily. It’s a type of social construct that society has placed that can’t go away until something new comes out.

ImageDay 7: Electronics 

We live in a day and age in which technology is becoming the vital use of our existence. There’s the iphone, the ipad that is basically a computer easy to mobilize. These tools have made life easier and organized. I believe everyone has a different usage for these two gadgets as some people use them for social media or to talk with close friends, and loved ones. We are constantly checking our phones when we eat, when we are using the bathroom, when were driving, in class. It’s overwhelming to see how much we depend on our phones. This basic tool has become essential in our lives. I see the iPad and the iPhone as this personal diary that one has personal ties too because of how often we use it. It’s honestly strange when I’m not on it. 


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