Chartering my Everyday – Brene Moseley

These different post create my identity. From what brings me happiness, the times of the day that I am able to reflect, when I am bored, and even what takes up most of my spare time. Out of the seven days of reflection I was able to focus on certain aspects of my life and essential the things that I took pictures of and wrote about were what were important to me. You can tell I love basketball because it makes me happy, I spend an extreme amount of time towards my phone and the apps on it, but also like having time to relax and reflect on my life. Some way or another you can connect all the aspects of my life because most of the pictures generally have the same theme, but the way that I perceive it may be different.

You can see from the categories I chose that the culture of today’s society has shifted to electronics and media. I am a perfect example because the general theme of the categories I selected have to do with my happiness and also some type of communication. My happiness comes basketball and my communication could range from the phone to all the apps on my iPod and iPad.



I can say that my play and boredom correlate only because my play is what keeps me from ever being bored. From about 12:30pm to 10:00pm I spend all of my day in the Comcast center. From having practice, games, study hall, film session, weight lifting, and even rehab take place in this building. Since I spend the majority of my day in this building when I have the chance to not have to come here it completely flips my day upside down. Normally the day after games the coaches give us “off days” which mean no practice or games and it gives our body a day to rest from all of the hard pounding we do. These days I find myself bored because I am not on my normal schedule and I have no much free time on my hands that I do not know what to do. Normally when I have the chance to not have to come in Comcast, I normally still come in because I am so bored that I need something to go so I just go shoot in the gym seen above.



Being a college basketball player is like having a full time job, but if you love the sport every time you hit the court it is like a breathe of fresh air. Thankfully basketball keeps my active and never bored because I love playing and although it takes up all of my time, I am willing to sacrifice all the time in the world to be successful in what I love.



In class we recently talked about why people post videos on youtube of concerts that have terrible quality. I remember a comment made by my fellow classmates said that some people post videos of other events to create an audience for themselves. So people post to get attention or reactions from other people creating their own audience of admirers. Embrassingly the instance that I first thought of was my instagram and my clothing. I will purposely never rewear an outfit that I posted a outfit in. With the amount of clothes I have I like to constantly have different combinations so there is no reason to repeat an outfit better yet post a picture in it.



As long as I always have these three items on my I will always be easy to reach. My iPhone 5 which serves as my cell phone, my iPad which serve as my laptop, my iPhone 4 which serves as a my iPod. If my cell phone dies, I resort to the other devices because they are basically the same thing. When my team goes on the road for games, they take all of our electronic devices including our phones, iPods, laptops, and iPad’s. They want us to be focused and taking away all of our communication devices forces us too. Normally the only way you can communicate with someone is through the phone, but in todays society if you have a apple product and wifi you are still able to communicate.

electronic usage


Electricity usage can be anything from cell phones, lights, batteries, outlets but the first thing that came to me was the amount of chargers I constantly carry with myself. From my iPad, iPhone, and iPod I constantly have to plug up to my devices because they are constantly dying. My iPod can go 2 or 3 days off of a full battery because I do not use it that much. For my iPhone and iPad, they die about 2 times a day because of how much I use them. I find it interesting that my iPad dies just as much as my iPhone because I basically use them for the same purpose. I rarely make any calls on my iPhone, so when my iPhone does die, my iPad fills the void until I charge it. From my iPad I can still facetime, access all my apps, use the internet (if on wifi), and use iMessage. Shows that the purpose of the iPhone to be able to make phone calls is rarely used, so a person could survivor without iPhone as long as them have some other apple product.

lucky charms


When I am being lazy in the morning and do not want to head to the diner, I always keep a box of cereal in room and this week I chose Lucky Charms. I find it funny that after we had class about the font of Helevetica, I began to see it in all the name brand items that I use and Lucky Charms serves as a perfect example.



In class we discussed that one time of the day that we are most bored and the first thing that can to mind for me was when I sit outside at night and look at the stars. The word daydreaming made me actually take a second thought towards the times that I do star gaze though. I thought of my star gazing as boredom, but honestly it is the most exciting part of my day because I can finally have clear thoughts without any distractions. From when I wake up till when I head back to my room at night I am constantly moving and the only time I get to sit back and gather my thoughts are when I watch the stars.


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