Michael Scialabba – Analyzing the Everyday

For this project, we are supposed to take a deeper look into “Everyday Life” by analyzing a single, unremarkable, aspect of everyday life for an entire day. For the past seven days, I have taken a harder look on technology, transportation (Walking), Communication, Sleep, Play, Food, and Home. I never realized how these small aspects of everyday life can mean so much in throughout the day, and no one ever sees this until they take a step back and really look into what they do in their life.

Throughout this project, it has also shown me a deeper look into my identity, who I really am.  I think that looking back over the past week, I am a fun, outgoing person who is technology-obsessed, but can do without it. I do whatever I can to have fun and make sure that everyone I am with is having fun too. This project can also tell you a lot about my culture and values. I care a lot about others, and value friendship greatly, as seen in my fraternity. I never expected this project to shine so much light on how I act throughout the day. Looking back, taking a deeper look into my everyday life shows how the little things all add up to mean so much throughout your day. Whether its on the phone, walking to class, or sleeping, my day to day life is very interesting, and I will have to continues to take breaks, take a deep breath, and look back on the day to see what I have accomplished. My last 7 days are as follows.

Day 1- Technology


I never realized how prevalent technology is in our everyday lives until I took a look back and analyzed how much of it I see and use each day. Whether it’s me on my phone, watching TV, listening to music, or taking notes in class, I am almost always surrounded by technology. In this picture alone, you see multiple students taking notes on their computers, while the professor lectures on a completely technological PowerPoint. These things have me wondering how different college must have been in the days before technology became so widespread.

Day 2 –  Transportation (Walking)


To be honest, I was never the biggest walker/runner before I came to college. The only time I would get exercise was when I was lifting at the gym or playing a sport of some sort.  Although I would be very active in these activities, I would drive to them, never walk. My freshman year I lived at the View and relied on the bus to get me to class. This has changed this year because I live on Fraternity row, and there are no busses running during the day. I never really knew how much time I devoted to walking from class to class and home until I spent a day analyzing it. This picture is me walking to Knight Hall for my Journalism class.

Day 3- Communication


For this day, I decided to think about communication, and the first thing that came to mind was my phone. I use my cell phone for so many things, and almost all of them involve communicating with others. I am on my phone for so much of my day it is actually concerning now that I think about it. I will find myself texting, talking on the phone, and using social media apps all throughout the day. I turned off my phone for about an hour this day and it was unbelievably hard not to be in contact with people at all times. I felt loneliness when it was off because I felt disconnected from my friends, family, and the world. Communication is a huge part of everyday life, and smart phones make communication fast and easy. Maybe too fast and too easy…

Day 4 – Sleep


Sleep is something I look forward to everyday. When I get a good night’s sleep, life is good. When I’ve been up late studying, or out late with friends, I pay for it the next day. Ironically, the day that I analyzed sleep was the day of my nutrition test, so I was up in McKeldin until around 4am the night before, and definitely regretted that the next day. I did very well on the test, but I paid for it the next day as I could barley function. Lack of sleep makes me irritable. Quick naps are great refreshers. And yes, I did have to make my bed for this picture!

Day 5 – Play


College is about academics yes, but it is also about fun. I will find an excuse to “play” whenever I can throughout the day. This can mean me playing a sport with my brothers, playing an iPhone game before class, or playing video games with my roommates after class. Pictured above is me and my roommate, Matt, playing a game of Fifa after we finished our homework. Some may even say that I rushed through my homework because I knew that this showdown would be taking place after I finished. I love competition and play, so whenever I’m not doing schoolwork of any kind I’ll always try to “play” and have a good time.

Day 6 – Eating


This room pictured here is where I spend a substantial part of my day here at UMD. This is where I eat all three of my meals during the week, and also where I bond and have fun with my brothers in the Sigma Chi Fraternity. There have been countless laughs and playful banter that has occurred down in this room, and I look forward to being surrounded by my brothers everyday at mealtime. The food our chef makes fuels me to conquer the day, and to make the most out of whatever I need to get done. It may not look too crowded now, but this room right before chapter dinner is filled wall to wall with brothers of Sigma Chi.

Day 7- Home


Pictured above is my house, and home to 38 of the 100+ of my close brothers. This fraternity has changed how I do things everyday, and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. It has brought many great people into my life, and given me access to many connections around the world with 300,000+ brothers globally. I spend a majority of my day in this house, and I have no complaints. I am surrounded by 38 of my closest friends, so there is never a dull moment. This picture means a lot to me not only because it is my home, but because of the benefits and friendships I have gained through this fraternity of brothers.


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