Looking through the Eye’s of Amber Melville

Summary Paragraph 

All of these photos show the aspect of my life that I have not thought about in different light. Taking time to think about every movement or activity that I may do throughout the day made me realize how there are many things that I do without thinking about it. For example, I do not even think about brushing my teeth or drinking water throughout the day, but these are routines that keep my body healthy. Exercise and getting treatment is another key aspect of my life that helps me to stay healthy. Treatment is not only a way for me to relax but it helps me to recover quickly so that I can get back to working out the next day. Each one of these pictures reveals my identity to be active, self-conscious about my health, and tech savvy. Tech savvy is being able to use technology to its full affect by using several applications or programs. Other activities or daily routines that I do, involve things that are used by many people in the culture that I live in. This culture has technology that makes our lives easier, like a computer and a light switch. The amount of technology that we have to help us get through are day has doubled in the past decade. Many of the routines that I have in my everyday life I tend to take for granted because I have access to a lot of resources that some may not have. The routines that I go through everyday are normal for me, but may be odd to others.

Day 1: Track and Field


Exercising and staying healthy is a major part of my life. Being a student-athlete at the University of Maryland you need to not only focus on academics, but as well as staying fit for your sport. Being physical fit is an important aspect for this sport. America is known for being one of the largest countries for body sizes/weights. Not everyone likes to play sports, but their are several ways to stay fit. For example, jogging on a treadmill, dancing, walking and more.  Participating in a sport can not only help someones physical fitness, but it can help their time management, self-confidence and work ethic. Being able to be a part of a sports team at a college level you need to be able to make time for school work and practicing. Self-confidence is a skill that anyone should have whether it is in sports or in anything they may do.

 Day 2: Drinking Water


Many people do not realize how essential water is to our everyday lives, until we no longer have it. Drinking water is an essential in my everyday life because I have to make sure that I hydrated well if I want to compete well. Everyone needs water to survive, but we do not just use water to drink. We use water to wash ourselves, cars, cooking and more. We are lucky to have easy access to water because their are some countries that struggle to have water to wash themselves with. When our electricity goes out we then realize how crucial water is in our everyday life.

Day 3: Treatment- Needling


Needles are most known for being used to give someone a shot, but in this purpose their is a new therapy that physical therapist are starting to use on their athletes. Needling helps to release the muscle that is full of lactic acid or that is tight from being used repetitively. Not many people think the best thing is to stick a needle in your skin to release tension, but this kind of therapy helps greatly. The use of needles are used in a variety of ways like for giving shots, tattooing, and therapy.

Day 4: Laptop


A laptop is a part of technology that can help not only students, but people in the real world with communicating, writing, listening to music and more. This is a device that has a plethora of tools and programs that can help someone with any task that they are trying to accomplish. I use the laptop to write my notes, communicate with friends and teachers, listen to music, surf the internet and more. It may be a strange device for someone who has not seem a portable computer. A laptop may contain many programs or applications that allow people to make power points, movies, photos, and more.

Day 5: Toothbrush 


A tooth brush is an object that I use every morning to keep my dental hygiene. Some may not think that this is an essential part of everyday life. It may be strange that this is the first thing that I do when I wake up in the morning. Others may wake up eat, make their bed, or take a shower before they brush their teeth. The type of the tooth paste that you put onto the tooth brush may determine if you are just cleaning your teeth  or if you are cleaning, whitening and strengthening your teeth. Using a tooth brush is something that I do not even think about doing; it is a natural habit.

Day 6: Light Switch 


Walking into a dark room you naturally want to turn on the lights. Walking in and out of my apartment room I turn on and off my lights by flipping the light switch up or down. It helps me to see what is in the room or what is around me. A light can brighten up a room or is can darken the room. If we did not have light bulbs today we would still be using candles instead of just flipping up a light switch. Today light switches may not be a switch and may be a button or or a knob that you move up and down.

Day 7: Shoes


Shoes are not only something for show, but they are used to walk, run, jog, protect the feet and more. Shoes are made to protect the feet from the harsh ground you may walk on. There are a variety of shoes that people can purchase. For example, boots, tennis shoes, heels, dress shoes, etc. The different design of the shoes are made to make the foot feel comfortable while walking in them. People may think that shoes are funny if they are not used to wearing them, but they would agree that it an easier and better way to walk around. Everyone that I am around wears shoes, but their are some people that I see on campus who choose not to wear shoes around.


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