Charting The Everyday

For my charting the every day project, I wanted to focus on the things I found myself to be using in my life. Most of the things I took pictures of were things I considered to be very important to my routines on a day-to-day basis. When considering these things I took pictures of, I tried to imagine what my life would be without them as there must be a good reason that they are in my life every day. I realized that many of the things I use every day many others on a global scale do not have the privilege of having in their every day lives. Many people are not spoiled with air conditioning or heat whenever they walk into a building or a car to quickly transport themselves everywhere in order to save time. Charting the every day reminded me how lucky I am to have these types of resources at my disposal on a daily is huge part of society and my every day experiences. In order to maintain good hygiene I often wake up earlier to shower. This along with numerous other smaller acts occur throughout my day quite frequently. In this society, it is expected of you to maintain a good hygiene. Often times when one fails to do this the perception of this person is often altered because his hygiene is being judged on a daily basis. If I didn’t do all of these acts to maintain a good hygiene society’s perception of me would likely change for the worse.

photo-8 Driving has become a huge part of my every day. It allows me to save lots of time every day by allowing me to avoid walking. Without my car the way I plan my days would be extremely different by giving myself enough time to walk to my destinations. The routes I take depend on my schedule and the classes that I’m taking each semester. By getting to my destinations so efficiently it takes a lot of stress off of me by allowing me to have more time to do school work.

photo-7Air conditioning and heat is a large part of the everyday. Every building I walk into depending on the time of year either has heat when its cold or air conditioning when it hot outside. Without these technologies rooms would often times be unbearable to sit in for extended periods of time. However with these helpful inventions it has drastically helped to increase my every day quality of life. Most days I go through not worrying about being too hot or cold indoors thanks to these inventions. It allows my mind to focus on other things rather than the extreme temperatures that would occur otherwise

photo-4 Advancements in medicine have allowed it to become a part of my every day life. If I injure myself or catch an illness there is medicine for rid you of pain or your symptoms. My father is a doctor so medicine has been a part of my family’s every day, especially his. Remedies such as advil allow millions of people world-wide to rid themselves of naggy annoying pains in their everyday lives. Being a very active individual it is seldom that I find myself completely pain free. With the use of Advil and other medicine and or medical techniques, I am more often than not able to keep this pain at a tolerable level.

photo-3 Computers have changed many environments in society. One environment that has been heavily affected for the better or worse is the class room. Less and less teachers are putting the old school chalk board to use as curriculums are relying heaving on the use of computers. Computers for the class depicted was necessary for the use of Excel. Personally, a computer is essential to my academic success, whether it be writing papers or checking elms on a daily basis to make sure I do not fall behind or miss an assignment.


In todays society, trashcans are almost everywhere we look. A room or a large outdoor area without a trashcan these days are hard to come by. The whole process of collecting waste has become an essential part of our society. Some trashcan have a more specific purpose such as this recycling can pictured above. This allows our society to make good of the trash and litter we produce in mass amounts everyday. Without an efficient and effective way of collecting waste, our society would quickly become smelly, unsanitary, and generally a miserable place to live in. Having these trashcans so prevalent in our culture helps us to maintain appearances by effectively giving us a place to put all of our litter.


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